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Songs translated and transliterated by Beldarius (4)

     Mimi wo Sumashite Japanese Kanji available English Translation Listen Carefully Julious, Clavis and Luva image song
One Piece
     Mother Lake Japanese Kanji available English Translation Shirahoshi and Fukaboshi duet song
     RIVER OF FREEDOM Japanese Kanji available English Translation Sabo character song
     Hentai Shingitai English Translation Transform Heart, Mind and Body Franky character song

Songs translated by Beldarius (4)

     Ever Green ~Samenai Koi Ga Koko Ni Aru~ Japanese Kanji available English Translation Evergreen ~Love Won't Awaken Here~ Randy Image Song
     Mountain Road Japanese Kanji available English Translation N/A Victor Image Song
Prince of Tennis
     Hokkyokusei (Niinufabushi) Japanese Kanji available English Translation Polaris Kite Eishirou Image Song
Saiyuki Reload
     Call Japanese Kanji available English Translation Sanzo song

Songs transliterated by Beldarius (11)

One Piece
     YELLOW LIGHT Japanese Kanji available Kizaru image song
     Nebuta no Tora The Nebuta Tiger Issho image song
     Tanjou Japanese Kanji available Birth Julious and Clavis duet song
     I Don't Know How ~Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsuna Kimi ni~ Japanese Kanji available I Don't Know How ~To the Most Precious You in the World~ Randy and Zephel duet song
     Ari no mama, Kimi no mama Japanese Kanji available As you are, you'll remain Ernst and Mel duet song
     Good Times Bad Times Japanese Kanji available Charlie image song
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
     Tokoshie Hanabi Japanese Kanji available Eternal Fireworks Ouchi image song
     Tenkuu no Ito ~Koubou~ Japanese Kanji available Heavenly Thread ~A Beam of Light~ Chinami and Makoto duet song
     Akigeshou no Kokoro no Hanamori ni Japanese Kanji available The Flower Guardian's Heart in Autumn Makeup Yuzuru and Hakuryuu duet song
Future GPX Cyber Formula
     Hohoemi no Daishou Japanese Kanji available Price of a Smile Bleed Kaga image song

Super Robot Wars
     Ai to Kiseki no "Umasugi WAVE" Japanese Kanji available Theme of Umasugi WAVE, the official SRW radio channel now has an OpenSearch plugin that you can install into your browser (FireFox, Chrome and IE/Edge supported)

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